Ayurveda – originated more than 4000 years ago in India, making it one of the oldest systems of wellbeing. It is based on an ancient philosophy of treating the whole person – not just the symptoms; combining nutrition, herbal remedies, yoga and massage to heal and nourish the body and spirit. Regular Ayurvedic treatments could not only point out areas that need cure but also prevent from further deterioration of health and improve long term wellbeing.

Ayurvedic Massage Session – Focuses on the body, mind and spirit through practice of deep breathing, application of highly potent Ayurvedic oils and penetration of marma points (pressure point). This therapy looks beyond the underlying tissues of your body and encourages healing from within. Following each session lifestyle recommendation on diet and body aftercare is included. (initial consultation add 15 mins £10)

Udvartana Powder Body Cleanse – A great body detox to get rid of pollutants stored up in tissues of the body. During this treatment specific ground Ayurvedic herbs are vigorously rubbed over the body to help draw out impurities and reduce water retention. Followed by body brushing and an application of warm, herbal oils leaving your body feeling polished, nourished and awake!

Padabhyanga Lower Leg & Foot Massage – De-stressing and relaxing traditional foot treatment. Starts with a firm massage of the lower leg followed by manipulating marma (pressure) points in the sole of the foot. This massage is great for after a flight; fluid retention; overall well-being and relaxation.

Mukhabhyanga Ayurvedic Face Massage – Ancient procedure that will leave you smiling with a visible natural face lift. Mukhabhyanga is a remedial therapy using potent herbal oils and working on marma points that make this facial massage one of a kind experience! This treatment is an amazing remedy for stressed and anxious people that find it hard to switch off and have disturbed sleeping pattern.

Pinda Sweda Pummeling Massage – Therapeutic herbal powders are crushed and tied into a muslin cloth, forming a herbal compress which is then warmed up in oils and used to massage sore and tensed muscles. This massage technique is extremely nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating. Great for sports enthusiasts and people that like warm as well as deep pressure massage.

  • Ayurvedic Massage Session – 90 mins – £55
  • Udvartana Powder Body Cleanse – 40 mins – £45
  • Padabhyanga Lower Leg & Foot Massage – 30 mins – £30
  • Mukhabhyanga Ayurvedic Face Massage – 30 mins – £30
  • Pinda Sweda Pummeling Massage – 60 mins – £50 or 90 mins – £60